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podcast and club - I've been busy and I'm getting busier

Friday 18th February 2011

Two new projects!

Firstly, I've started a new podcast!

I'm quite pleased with how quickly I've managed to get this together; literally a few days ago I thought it might be fun to start a podcast showcasing the work of newish or jobbing comic songwriters; I put the word out on Twitter that i was lookng for submissions and within about 48 hours I had enough for two or three shows.  Fantastic.
The podcast itself is up here and should turn up on iTunes in due course; meanwhile if you or someone you know have some funny songs you'd lie to me consider including, there are a couple of stipulations:

You MUST own the copyright in the song, or have the EXPRESS permission of whoever does own the copyright.  And if the copyright is split between more than one person - if there are co-writers, or if the writer has a publishing deal - ALL interested parties must give their consent to my using the song.  This also means I can't play any Weird Al-style reworded versions of other people's hits.  Tune and words have to be original.

There's no minimum recording standard; if the song's good enough I'm happy to play it even if the sound quality's a bit ropey.

We're not on the radio now, so sweariness is not really an issue.

There's no money in this, for me or anyone else.  The idea is for comic songwriters to get their work out there to (I hope) a decent online audience.

Send mp3s - or links to where I can get mp3s - to

Good that's that. And now the other thing:

Starting on April 5 I and my pals The Distractions will be hosting a regular evening of music and comedy at The Phoenix in Cavendish Square, London.  The club will be called Sing When You're Grinning and I'm just sorting out the line-up for the first show.  I'll put details up here as & when.  I'm really excited about this as it's something I've been contemplating for quite some time and it's great that it's going ahead.

Right, if I'm about to generate some traffic onto this site for the first time in months I'd better update my giglist...

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