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Friday 8th February 2013

Making the biggest rod for my own back yet


I'm going to ATTEMPT to write and record a whole album of comic songs in twenty-four hours, starting at 9am on Red Nose Day (March 15th) and working through the night, delivering the finished product at 9am on Saturday 16th.  It should be available for download shortly thereafter.

That's about as far as I've got with the plan...  I'm worklng on the logistical end of it right now and I'll update as soon as I have more details.

I'm going to be working in an open space so people can come and watch if they like - although it may be a rather disappointing spectacle, consisting as it will of me staring at my iMac, frowning and drinking coffee - and I'll find a way of live-streaming a webcam feed so the whole thing will be visible online (note to self; DON'T PICK YOUR NOSE).

I have a possible venue in mind already but it's not confirmed yet; meanwhile if you know of anywhere I could do this feel free to tell me about it.  The stipulations would be: MUST have wifi, must be insured to have punters coming in and if at all possible should be somewhere within the Richmond/Kingston nexus (I'd like to be close to home if only so I don't have to get up at 6am in order to start at 9).

Once the album's finished I'll upload it to my online music store and obviously all proceeds from download sales will go to Comic Relief.  There'll be other ways of raising money with the project; I might get people to sponsor me by the hour and maybe also take cash pledges in return for people giving me ideas and suggestions to work from.

Which leads me to this:

The BIG question - and one which I'd love to hear your ideas on - is this:  How do I prove that I'm doing it for real?  How do I demonstrate that I'm not just recording stuff which I've "written" previously and memorised?

Those of you who've seen me live will probably have seen me do That Thing I Do where I get suggestions from the audience at the end of part one, write something quickly during the interval and play it at the start of part two.  What we need is some way - some VERIFIABLE way - of opening that process up to the public.  What I'll need is either enough suggestions for at least ten songs (the album has to come in at over 30 minutes - whether this means ten three minute songs or twelve two and a half minute songs I'll likely decide on the day) or maybe ten/twelve suggested song TITLES.  I'll need some way of moderating this so that I can prove that I don't see those suggestions/titles UNTIL 9am ON THE DAY.  Any thoughts you might have as to how I can achieve this, please email me at

This isn't a BBC project - so far, they're welcome to jump on board if they like - it's just a ME thing so far.  As regards musicians helping out; I'll be playing all the guitars and bass and programming the drums (nae offence Ives, it'll just be quicker that way) but may bring someone in to overdub my crappy keyboard playing in the later stages. 

Unless of course there are musicians out there who fancy the idea of rocking up at about 5am to contribute a few licks... God knows there are enough rock stars knocking around in Richmond Upon Thames...

There's even a possibilty of extending the concept to include another challenge, involving something other than music, but I'll be announcing that a bit later...

So that's the plan.  Best thing to do is follow me on Twitter (@MitchBenn) for updates, but since most of you will have followed the Twitter link to get here, you know that already...

Meanwhile, seeing as you're here...

MY TOUR'S UP AND RUNNING. Leicester tonight and Barton-On-Humber tomorrow.  Since there aren't many midlands/northern gigs on this year's schedule (I know, I know, but as I've explained before it's NOT UP TO ME) I suggest if you're within range of either or both of those DO check 'em out as they may be the only gigs you ARE in range of.

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