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Wednesday 6th March 2013

Exactly what I'm doing and how you can help


Here's where we're up to.

First of all, an exciting new aspect to the whole project:  My author pal Lee "Budgie" Barnett, who some of you may know as the guy who does the Fast Fiction Challenges (give him a title and a spare word to include in the text and he writes a 200 word short story RIGHT THEN) has his own Comic Relief project; he's going to write 24 SHORT STORIES IN 24 HOURS. 

We've decided to combine our efforts and so while I'm trying to write and record an album from scratch in one day, Budgie will be trying to write a short story anthology from scratch in one day IN THE SAME ROOM.  I hope he has some decent headphones.

You can read up on (and contribute to) Budgie's project here, and feel free to boggle at some of the famous authors he's persuaded to come up with the story titles for him (name dropper).

The venue where all this lunacy will take place is: The Vineyard Community Centre, The Vineyard, Richmond TW10 6AQ. 

We'll be starting at 12.30pm on Friday 15th and working through to 12.30 the next day - I know I originally said 9am, but on reflection it occurred to me that the bits people are actually going to want to WATCH are the start and finish line, and one way or another anyone who's up at 9am on a Friday generally has stuff to do...

The whole thing will be live streamed right here at 

NOW, there are some favours I'm going to need, and any help would be much appreciated.

SUPPORT CREW - I have a couple of friends and relatives who've already volunteered to pitch in but obviously nobody's available to help for the whole time - life goes on, etc.  I'm going to need a couple of spare bodies around to keep an eye on things, make coffee, welcome such people as might turn up to watch, make coffee, make sure the video stream's working, make coffee...

If any of you are able and willing to get to Richmond for any part of that 24 hour period, please drop me an email at and introduce yourselves.

BITS AND PIECES - I have pretty much everything I need technically but there are a few bits and bobs which would make life easier.  I could really do with borrowing the following items:

One guitar stand (i've got two; gonna need three)

A sustain pedal for my MIDI keyboard (I'm such a ropey keyboard player I've never felt the need to get one, but if - as may come to pass - I get one of my Actual Keyboard Player friends to overdub my dreadful clonking in the later stages, I should at least have a sustain pedal handy for them to use).

and the big one:

A DECENT BASS GUITAR.  The one I've got is pretty beat up and buzzes a bit - it's adequate for my usual needs but I feel I should at least use a noise-free bass for a recording I'm actually going to be selling.  Anyone got one I could borrow for a day?

The album will, as previously announced, be available for download from my online music store as soon as possible on Saturday 16th, but you can sponsor me right now if you like.

Finally, as if I didn't have enough going on, I've become a TWITTER MILLION TEAM CAPTAIN.  This is a combined Twitter-based effort to raise a million quid by getting celebrity Team Captains (and me) to rally people under their respective banners to raise at least £50 each.  If you're doing something for Red Nose Day - or thinking about it - then please add your project to my Twitter Million team.

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