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that learners song

Tuesday 20th November 2007

Just to clarify...

I've had a few emails on the topic of Learners, the BBC film that aired last Sunday (see entry on the news page); specifically people have been wondering whether that was in fact me singing the end title song (it was) and how this came about. I'll re-post something I originally posted on the Doctor Who Forum which should explain everything:

"Actually (if I may butt in) it's kind of a bit of both; the words and the tune were written by Jessica, who gave them to David in order for him to sing the song in that scene in the car. The song itself was always supposed to be a fictitious song by a non-existent band, possibly to save money on getting clearance to use a real old hit, the which can be bloody expensive (I wasn't involved yet at this stage so I don't know).

When they came to edit that scene, it became apparent that what the film really wanted at that point was for this song to well up on the soundtrack, but of course there WAS no song as such, so I was brought in to flesh it out into a proper track. I was sent the full lyric (including the verse David doesn't sing) and I had to re-construct the tune based on that weird Dylan-ish bit of singing David does in the car, tinker a bit with the structure, settle on a chord sequence and then record and produce the thing (doing all the vocals and playing all the instruments).

So while I did have a fair bit of creative input into how the track sounds, since the words and the tune (which legally speaking is all a song consists of) had already been written by Jessica before I turned up, it's Jessica's song.

Mind you, until the screening tonight I had no idea it would turn up again in the nightclub scene and be used as the end theme..."

In case you have no idea what all this refers to, someone who almost certainly shouldn't have has helpfully bunged the thing up on YouTube; have a look at it here before the Beeb throw an eppy and get it taken down. The scene in question starts at about 2 mins 40 secs in...

...and here it is (starting at about 2 mins 15) over the end credits (including mine, hurrah)...

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