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thoughts on the future

Saturday 26th July 2008

... professionally and otherwise

Sorry you haven't heard much from me this week; It's been a bit hectic and stressful one way or another. Apart from the usual Now Show malarkey there's finally been a bit of movement on the flat sale; we dropped the price quite drastically a month or so ago as it occurred to us that with the way prices are falling - and given that most people who are wont to make predictions about this sort of thing are saying that they're going to keep falling for at least another year or so - if we didn't sell it now we wouldn't be able to AFFORD to sell it, and we'd be stuck here for possibly another five or six years.

So this week we finally got an offer, we managed to haggle them up to the point at which we could just about do the deal without bankrupting ourselves, and then lo and bloody behold a PREVIOUS buyer who'd been umming and ahhing about the flat for weeks suddenly re-appeared with a (marginally) better offer. Typical; absolutely f__k all interest for nine months and suddenly we've got a bidding war on. Not even sure who was winning the last time we asked, and it's the weekend now so we probably won't be able to resolve anything for a few days.

I was round at Ian's office this afternoon (technically yesterday now) to discuss the track listing for the new album, and also quite where we're headed with this whole thing. We have high hopes for the album and the tour, but he agreed with me that perhaps it's time to put a few more irons in the fire.

For a start I'm down from having four radio shows two years ago to just the one now; Bad Week has bitten the dust, I don't think BBC7 want any more Music Shows (feel free to send protesting emails) and I haven't been able to think of a show of my own to succeed Crimes Against Music. Radio 4 might even re-commission Crimes if I asked them to; I haven't because I'm not sure what else I could do with that format. We tried re-tooling it for series 3 (introducing the sitcom elements) but I don't think many people really got what we were doing. I reckon I need to come up with something new, and I'm not sure what. Never mind, these ideas have a way of presenting themselves out of the blue.

Something I genuinely want to do is write musicals. Good ones. The trouble with this is that even a modest musical costs a bloody fortune to stage, and those West End monstrosities have budgets like the national debts of third world countries. Hell of a financial risk to take; that's why it's usually played as safe as possible. Lloyd Webber is pretty much the only guy with the clout to get a new musical on these days; apart from that all anyone's producing are those wretched "jukebox" musicals where they cram a band's back catalogue into some sort of plot (Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You and their evil spawn).

I really don't get the appeal of these things. Oh sure, from the producers' point of view I do; it's a show which consists of songs which are already classics... it's what the punters see in them I don't understand. I mean, presumably in order to want to go and see We Will Rock You, you'd have to be a fan of Queen's music, but if you love these songs so much why would you want to spend an evening hearing them being butchered by a load of Italia Conti graduates? Just stay home, play the CD and hear them done properly.

Anyway, I may have a plan to circumvent all that. It'll be ages before it comes to fruition if indeed it does at all, but fingers crossed, eh?

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