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Neil before Janice

Tuesday 14th October 2008

...except after C. Or something.

It's now 2am and I've been on the go pretty much all day; up this morning to do a phone interview with (I think) the West Sussex Gazette; then into town to do a down-the-line interview with Radio Bristol (ostensibly to plug the Bath gig which is, as I said yesterday, sold out, apparently, but hey ho); then off round town to do a bit of shopping, then meeting up with Clara and Astrid (Greta having been farmed out to Grandma for the evening) to go to dinner with Neil Gaiman, who's in town again as part of the promo tour for The Graveyard Book, which went straight in at No.1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List this week, and rightly so.

The first thing I noticed about Neil is that he's looking rather more kempt than I'd ever seen him before.  For years he's been famous for his mop of curly black hair, which generally looked as if someone had thrown it at him.  This evening (or rather yesterday evening now) it was trimmed (although still longish) and raffishly swept back.  Rather suited him.  We were joined by Neil's God-daughter (more of a Gothdaughter really) Hayley and her young man Alex, but not, as had been a possibility, by Neil's actual daughter Holly and her young man, er, Alex (confused?).

The conversation turned from meetings Neil had had earlier in the day with People I Couldn't Possibly Name, about Projects I Couldn't Possibly Discuss, to the project Neil and I have been mulling over for some time which, since Neil's now mentioned it in a couple of interviews, I Guess I Can Now Discuss. 

Neil and I have been planning to write a musical together for about two years now, and Neil confessed that the reason he's been mentioning it in interviews was to put pressure on himself - and on me - to get on with it (same principle as me blogging my weight-loss progress, I suppose).  We already know what it's about, we have an idea of the plot, I've even written a couple of putative songs for it, we just have to set some time aside and crack on with writing it.  As you may have noticed, I haven't exactly been luxuriating in spare time just lately, and Neil's officially The World's Busiest Man, so it's going to take some organisation on both our parts to get this together (living on opposite sides of the Atlantic doesn't help, either).  In any event, since Neil now seems content to let his many thousands of bloggees get on his case about the show's progress, I guess it's okay if all twelve or thirteen of YOU guys hassle me about it as well.

After dinner I parceled C&A (hey...!) back into the Smart car and lumbered off to BBC Western House to do more PR, this time on Janice Long's Radio 2 show.  The interview took up most of the first half hour of the show and by the time you read this it'll probably be up on the BBC iPlayer (It's not yet, so no direct link, sorry). I'm interested to hear it myself to see if my Scouse accent comes creeping back during the conversation, as it often does when I'm talking to someone else from the Pool... 

Fresh lunacy awaits me on the morrow, so off to bed.


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