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As you may know, I'm not scheduled to tour again until next year at the earliest (I'm still doing club gigs; see the gigs page for details) by which time my recent Edinburgh show Doing It On Purpose may need to be substantially rewritten.  I'd like more people to see the show in its current form.  

I'm doing a one off performance of the show at the Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool on November 17th but in the meantime I've decided to arrange some last minute "ninja gigs"...

I did one a couple of weeks ago in Bristol (on my way home from hosting the People's Vote rally in Cardiff).  I'll have details of some more gigs soon (best thing to do to get those details immediately is follow me on Twitter and Facebook); meanwhile if you can rustle up a room and an audience, drop me a line and maybe I'll come and play for you and your friends...

Meanwhile, on the subject of the People's Vote campaign, I've released this song and video (it's a bit sweary) aimed at the ringleaders and cheerleaders of the Brexit movement.

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