Video for the single released September 2008; featuring Rick Wakeman on piano. Directed by Adam Bromley.


Released March 2008; video directed by Adam Bromley

Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now

Here's the video of the single, released October 2005... I'm quite proud of the fact that the bits of this video which parody Coldplay's vids for Yellow and The Scientist were shot in EXACTLY the same locations as the originals... Directed by Adam Bromley.

The one show -self testing kits

A little comedy vignette I did for The One Show (29.11.07) setting up a piece on self health-testing kits (and I write the bloody tunes as well, Adrian).

Baby I'm Sorry

This is me on the Paramount channel's The Comedy Store. Forget exactly when this was recorded; early 2004 I think.

Buried Alive

I've put this up here as it may be your last chance to see it for free; this is a comedy movie Adam Bromley (who directed the Everything Sounds... vid and also produced Mitch Benn's Crimes Against Music on Radio 4) made on an absolute shoestring about four years ago; I'm in it (which I'm quite pleased about) and I also wrote all the music (which I'm VERY pleased about). The reason I say it may be your last chance to see it for free is that it's just been picked up for proper distribution (possibly because almost everyone in it except me has become hugely famous in the meantime), so it may not be up on YouTube much longer. It's in twelve bits; this is the first. If you're enjoying it go to YouTube and check out the rest; search "Mitch Benn Buried Alive" (a pleasing thought to some people no doubt) and it'll come up.

HeTubes, SheTubes, everybody YouTubes!

Here are some videos people have taken it upon themselves to make and post on YouTube. So; thanks to everybody who chose one of my songs for one of your insane projects, and to everybody else: See what you think...

doctor who girl

A rather nice clip montage by "dandareing2"; the song is from my 2002 album Radio Face.


One of the better fan videos made for a Now Show song, broadcast June 08.


This was recorded (without my knowledge or consent, but hey ho) at the Underbelly press launch at the beginning of the Edinburgh Fringe back in August. I've included it here as an example of what has now become a major part of my touring show; writing songs on the spot based on audience suggestions.

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