Terra book cover on a 3D paperback and tablet, against a backdrop of an alien city


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and this time the trilogy is complete

Mitch Benn has written three Sci-Fi novels. The Terra Trilogy is a series for young readers (and indeed the young at heart) which follows Terra, a human girl raised by aliens, on her adventures across the galaxy.


The first two books, Terra and Terra’s World, were originally published in 2013 and 2014 to wide acclaim, including glowing reviews in The Times and The Independent. Terra was also listed in The Guardian’s Top 10 Sci-Fi books of the year.


The long-awaited conclusion to the trilogy, Terra’s War, will be released on 15th March 2021. The first two books are being re-released with new cover art and marketing support – Terra is available now, and Terra’s World from 1st February 2021. The trilogy will be available in paperback and ebook formats, from major retailers including Amazon, Apple Books and Barnes & Noble.


So why the seven year gap? Mitch explains, “I always knew how Terra’s adventure was going to end. But when my previous publisher didn’t commission the third book, I had no way of getting the story out. It was a very bruising experience and, I won’t lie, almost put me off writing forever. However, the sense of irresolution became overwhelming. So when the pandemic halted all live comedy, I thought ‘it’s now or never’. I’m so relieved Terra finally has an ending to her epic story. Now I can move on to my next novel, due out in late 2021.”

Front cover for Terra - a little girl holding hands with an adult alien, looking out across an alien city

Title: Terra

Series: The Terra Trilogy

Volume: One

Author: Mitch Benn

Release Date: 30th November 2020

Publisher: Raging Vega Press

Length: 312 pages

Age: 10+

Formats: Paperback and ebook

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-8382887-0-9

ISBN (ebook): 978-1-8382887-1-6

Price: £3.99-£7.99

For Terra, the human alien, fitting in was never an option.

Abducted from Earth as a baby by a well-meaning alien, Terra has grown up far across the galaxy on planet Fnrr. Terra has always known she was different. Her skin isn’t grey. Her eyes are a weird blue colour. She has... ears.

And now Terra is starting high school. A daunting prospect, even without being the only human in class.

There’s lots to like about life on Fnrr. Society is ordered and peaceful; founded on reason, logic and the pursuit of knowledge. However, its inhabitants are blissfully unaware of the impending invasion that could destroy their way of life forever...

Before long, Terra will find herself propelled into a fierce battle to save the world she calls home.

A story for young readers - or adults who remember being one - Mitch Benn’s Terra is a warm and witty coming-of-age Sci-Fi adventure for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. Escape into a story of hope, discovery and the unbreakable bonds we naively refer to as ‘humanity’.


Praise for Terra:

'Terra is delightful... I found myself thinking of Roald Dahl, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, but the voice and story are uniquely Mitch Benn’s. Wise, funny, and above all, human.NEIL GAIMAN

'High-end deadpan Sci-Fi silliness... with added warmth. For a story set light years away, it feels wonderfully human.' MATT HAIG

'Mitch Benn is a very fine writer and Terra is a very fine book.' THE INDEPENDENT



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Like everyone from the planet Fnrr, Lbbp has his doubts about the human race. Unlike most Fnrrns, Lbbp, being a scientist, pays regular secret visits to the planet Earth. 


On one such visit, Lbbp makes an unexpected discovery and is faced with an extraordinary dilemma. The choice he makes will change everything, on his world and on ours.


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Lbbp from Hrrng on the planet Fnrr? Help!

Mitch explains: "When Terra was first released, the question I was asked most often was 'how on Earth do you pronounce the names?'


Terra has grown up on the distant planet of Fnrr, and the Fnrrns' speech mechanisms are different to humans. Their languages consist of clipped, clickety sounds with almost no vowels. That's why their words are spelled as little clusters of consonants.


You're free to pronounce the Fnrrn words in the Terra books however you want, but in case you're wondering, this is how I pronounce some of the main characters and places ..."


(Pronounced Fih-nirr)

A distant planet of many scientifically-advanced nations (and the G'grk)

A beautiful world of purple vegetation, a pink sky and a ring of six moons.

All Fnrrn languages are clipped and clickety with little in the way of vowels.


(Pronounced Mulla-mull)

The island nation on the planet Fnrr on which Terra grows up

The capital city, Hrrng [Huh-rung], is where most of our story takes place, and is dominated by the Preceptorate, the vast teaching establishment where Lbbp works.


(Pronounced Guh-grook)

A war-like people on Fnrr who have rejected science and enlightenment in favour of honour, valour and conquest

The G'grk are the same species as other Fnrrns, but a completely different culture. Their language is similarly vowel-less but much more guttural.


(Pronounced Lih-bup)

Scientist at Hrrng Preceptorate and Terra's adoptive father

Most likely to say: "Oh dear me ..."


Least likely to say: "Let's just do it and worry about the consequences later!"


(Pronounced Fith-fith)

Terra's insanely smart, precocious and enthusiastic best friend

Most likely to say: Everything.


Least likely to say: "Um ... I'm not sure."


(Pronounced Pik-tik)

Terra's sweet, shy and ever-so-slightly clumsy best friend

Most likely to say: "But shouldn't we ... um ... no, wait, erm ..."


Least likely to say: "I'll go first!"

Terra book cover on a 3D paperback and tablet, against a backdrop of an alien city


Buy Terra ebook and paperback from Amazon

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