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Cover for Terra's World, book two in the Terra Trilogy. It shows Terra and her friends Billy and Fthfth looking out over an alien city, with a black planet looming in the sky.

Terra, the human girl raised by aliens, is back on Earth. But not for long.

It’s been two years since Terra returned to Earth. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time ... Get to know her real parents. Attend high school with actual humans. But Terra’s world has been anything but ordinary.

Across the galaxy, her alien homeland is in grave danger ... A death planet. A mysterious prophecy. And a society warped beyond all recognition. Terra’s adoptive father and friends desperately need help.  


If Terra knew this, she’d be on the first spaceship away from Earth. But she doesn’t.  


In fact, Terra has disappeared.

Mitch Benn’s second instalment in the Terra Trilogy is an action-packed Sci-Fi adventure for young readers, and adults who remember being one. Bursting with wit, warmth and optimism, immerse yourself in Terra’s perilous journey through the chaos of unintended consequences. 


Young Adult Sci-Fi, suitable for age 12+

"There will never be another Douglas Adams, but Benn, combining his stand-up comedy talent with his obvious love for the genre, might be the closest you’ll ever get." 


"Another winning, witty and whipsmart tale ... Benn’s warm but sharp narrative voice, which made Terra such fun to read, rings through loud and clear in this sequel, as does the continuing (and welcome) influence of writers like Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams, and a real love of the Sci-Fi genre in general."


"Terra’s World ups the stakes while still keeping everything that made the first novel so special ... Mitch Benn has great prose, and his storytelling skills are superb. It’s really difficult to put into words how much fun Terra’s World is."